High quality of our services and our hospitality
We have created a honey-warm atmosphere for you and your needs.
We continuously try to update and expand our cooking art.
We honestly want to nominate Greek Kitchen through original Greek products and traditional recipes.


Cozy neoclassical villa in the heart of Weimar experienced by the colours, the flavors and the fragrances from the historic Greek earth.

One of the most favorite spots to visit since 1995,throughout the years we have managed to combine modern and traditional environment, the love of what we offer , the talent and the professionalism to a succeed gastronomy.

Greece on your Plate

Greek gastronomy aims to inform visitors about the aspects of Greek heritage. It will definitely become your gastronomic destination.

Provide you with

Quality of Greek products

  • Art cooking
  • Harmony and balanced flavors
  • Special ingredients
  • Delightful plates for any taste
  • Excellent service
  • Variety of wines
  • Sophisticated style